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Larp: The Sharing

by Matthew Kamm and Julia Pilowsky The year is 1999. The Sharing is an organization that has been growing in popularity for the past couple of years, especially in California, where you all live. It's a service organization for all ages with a strong focus on social events and inter-generational projects. As its latest event, the Sharing has planned a wilderness retreat for a number of hospitalized teens who otherwise have limited opportunities for outdoor recreation and socialization with other people their own age. Whether you are a full member of The Sharing, an interested probationary member, or this is your first experience with The Sharing, it's sure to be a trip you'll never forget. OOC: This LARP is set in the universe of the Animorphs book series by K.A. Applegate. It is set fairly late in the series' chronology. The authors make no promises regarding the appearance of canon characters in the LARP, but they will not be available as PC roles. Roles will include Controllers and morph-capable characters, as well as regular humans. Those who fondly remember the books being about fun animal-morphing adventures and wacky alien hijinks, be advised: the series gets quite dark, and this game investigates many of the darker aspects. This is a game of secrecy and paranoia, where you can never be sure who to trust and who has an evil mind-controlling slug lurking behind their friendly grin. No knowledge of the series is required to play and enjoy the game, but some roles will benefit from familiarity with the books. Some characters in this game are disabled - wheelchair users, blind/low-vision, etc. The authors of this game are not disabled, and while we have done our best to ensure that treatment of the subject of disability in the game is not dismissive, exceptionalist, or otherwise alienating, prospective players should be prepared to interact with disability as part of the narrative of the game. Content Warnings: Ableism, genocide, suicidal ideation, violence against minors, violence by minors, loss of free will"
15-player maximum