Larp: Speed Dating for Heiresses


They’re called “Dollar Princesses” — wealthy American heiresses, daughters of railroad moguls and supermarket magnates who journey to England hoping to meet aristocrats willing to trade status for a lot of ready cash. Marriages of convenience, certainly, but the arrangement’s so common as to be an industry, with whole catalogs and matchmaking services devoted to the practice.

And, for some reason, you’ve decided to be part of it.

You’re a cash-strapped British aristocrat with a title and ancestral seat — either that, or you’re an American heiress, daughter of a mogul with money to burn. You’d like to make a marriage of convenience, but see, you’re not exactly the creme de la creme; maybe there was a scandal in your past, or maybe you’re a known as a slave to some vice — maybe you’re just a little bit crazy, but anyway, you don’t exactly have the pick of the aristocrat/heiress marriage market. Fortunately, you’re acquainted with Consuelo Montagu, nee Yznaga, Duchess of Manchester — a famously successful Dollar Princess who’s agreed to arrange a speed-dating evening for you and several other singles with interesting histories.

Hopefully you’ll come away from this with someone you want to see more of — or someone who wants to see more of you.