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Larp: Out Of Dodge


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Out of Dodge is a four-person, "American Freeform" live-action game about desperate criminals on a car ride to nowhere for 1-2 hours.  This game includes mature language in the rules and generally deals with themes of betrayal and extreme violence.  This game can be replayed.

Oh my goodness did that ever go wrong. Shots were fired, mostly into Toad there, and the four of you got away with a bag containing less loot than you’d planned. A lot less. Now you are on the road, running for your lives and counting your blessings. You have your health (Toad does not have that), you have your friends (not friends), and you each have a still-warm piece tucked into your pants. You have eleven treasures to split four ways and that is not going to be pretty. Things are not looking up.

Released by Bully Pulpit Games

4 players