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Larp: Exeunt

by David Braslow and Katie Gordon Mankind destroyed its birthplace through waste, consumption and war. The skies burned and the seas boiled. A terrible choice remained. Spend all of humanity’s efforts on rescue missions, on relief efforts, on battling the endless tide of disaster, or turn what remained of our energies toward the stars, and start anew. The Council decided on hope, and on sacrifice. The Ark’s journey to Enceladus would be long - those who began the mission would not live to see its end - but it was the best chance for humanity to preserve itself in the face of near-certain extinction. There was only one way to convince the people what had to be done, that countless must die to allow humanity to flee from its dying homeland. No leader can ask of her people sacrifices that she is not willing to make herself. And after inflicting this choice upon the world, no man can be considered innocent. So tonight, the six of you will make the announcement: Two of you will climb aboard the ship to shepherd humanity to the stars. Two of you will remain to serve as caretakers for the dying world that remains. And two of you will share your people’s sacrifice, and end your lives. OOC: Exeunt is a dark, dystopian LARP in which the players will face a series of hard choices. Some choices will impact future gameplay, and all will impact the development of society. The players will be split between the ship and the Earth it left behind. Each scene takes place 20-30 years after the previous, and in each scene characters die. Each player will have at least one character who dies during the game, and will be given new characters in the next scene.
6-player maximum