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Larp: Librarian and Catalog


by Carolyn VanEseltine

In the special collections of the Library, the robot Librarian awaits human visitors in need of assistance. Although the Librarian cannot read, it can communicate with the computer Catalog, which provides all necessary information for the Librarian to fulfill its purpose.

The Librarian does not leave its post. The Librarian cannot become hungry, or tired, or bored. Between visitors, the Librarian enters a low- power state, where it dreams (if robots can be said to dream) and awaits the chance to fulfill its purpose again.

It has been a long time since the last visitor. But the Librarian cannot awaken when there are no visitors. Beneath the faint purple glow of the strange artifact brought by the last visitor, the Librarian stands dreaming, and power slowly drains from the unused Catalog.

ALERT. Awake. Someone is here. You must help...

...another Librarian?

In this dark, cerebral science fiction game, every player will be an instance of the Librarian. As parallel universes collapse, you will confront a choice of histories and worlds, choosing both what has happened in the past and what may yet happen in the future.

Content warning: Some character histories include themes of suicide, abuse, and neglect, which may become prominent in game. This game is not recommended for players under age 13.

12 to 16 players