Larp: Elanthia


Elanthia is a Fantasy Winter Masquerade Ball Larp of romance, intrigue, and deception...all from behind a mask!

Here ye Here ye! Lords and Ladies of the Court! A Winter Masquerade Ball will be taking place in honor of the new marriage alliance between the kingdoms of Aran’Dor (Elvish for "Land of King") and Seinestel (Elvish for "New Hope") on March 6th, at 8 in evening.

Elanthia was once a great and beautiful world. Peace had prevailed throughout the lands for as long as the oldest Elf could recall. Plagued by the lust for power, great turmoil has recently overtaken these lands with the separation of Seinestel (the new Matriarch) from Aran'Dor. Can this new alliance between them bring peace and reunite the world? Will the other nations and races in the realm support this new potential super power?

What can you expect from this LARP? People hiding behind masks, the clashing of swords, treacherous politics, shaky faith, the strive for honor, forbidden romances, mysterious deaths, deceitful treaties, mystical powers, racial tensions, the quest for immortality, arranged marriages, dangerous games, tests of loyalty, hard decisions, and hopefully world peace. In the end, only one kingdom can come out on top. Who will it be? The fate of Elantha is in your hands.

30 to 35 players