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Larp: Devil's Karma

YOUR SINS ARE GREAT! Purgatory is your last hope. You did not atone for your sins during life and you are doomed to a life of eternal damnation in the fiery pit of hell itself. If only there was a way to balance out the scales of karma… but wait! The Devil is bored and is willing to bargain for your souls… He has two hours to kill and wants to be amused by your futile mortal antics… If you can gather enough karma in that time to tip the scale and balance out your sins he will be willing to let your soul escape his eternal torture chamber. If not… He plans to drag you into the pit of hell! Clues to where karma can be found are available… Will you work together with your fellow Purgatory denizens and split the available karma hoping there is enough? Or will you work alone ensuring through your own cunning your eternal passport? For some, the pleasures of eternal bliss! For others, well, karma can be such a bitch!
The game is a basically no plot zany scavenger hunt combined with silly antics and light role playing trying to earn karma so you can go to heaven. Players have character sheets specifically made for them so that they can be basically anything they want.
impossible to spoil
5 to 20 players