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Larp: Chicago Scion: The Terrible Burden of Destiny

Campaign game lasting 3 sessions.
In the heart of Chicago, there is a prison, a Tartarean construction, where malevolent titans and those who serve them brood in their captivity. Set to watch over them is a Conclave of Scions, heroes of divine ancestry devoted to the protection of the world from the depredations of these monsters. Together, they combat the threats from beyond the city and those from within the prison. But the meaning of heroism is always in flux, the hubris of heroes is legendary, and what seems safe today may be gone tomorrow. You are those heroes, drawn together by fate, sent to Chicago to protect the world from the monsters trapped within the Prison crafted from the Iron and Blood of the Loop. Together you will strive to prevent the corrupting influence of the Titans from undermining the city, to protect the city from the allies of the imprisoned who seek to break their chains, and to try to find order amongst yourselves, always striving under the Terrible Burden of Destiny.