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Larp: Ghosts of Urquhart


It is October 1892. The SS Naronic sank nearly eight months ago. Some of the survivors are to be found in Castle Urquart on the edge of Loch Ness. Allegedly haunted, Urquhart serves as the Diogenes Club's most secure establishment and is where the artefacts recovered from the Naronic adventure have been brought.

The first stage of Project Atlas is now almost complete. A Royal Visitor will shortly arrive to put their seal of approval on the project. But does everybody present actually want Atlas to succeed? And what of those Survivors of the Naronic who disappeared eight months ago?

Ghosts of Urquhart is inspired by the works of Jules Verne, H. G. Wells, Maurice Leblanc, and others. It is a sequel to Survivors of the Naronic and a number of the characters from that game are in this. However no previous knowledge of that game is required and many characters are wholly new.

The game is intended to provide intrigue, romance and adventure in a Victorian world rather more interesting than our own.

The rules mechanics will use card-based abilities and simple stats-based combat (maximum rules length one page). There will be stupidly-overcomplicated gadgets that may or may not work. And I really hope we'll get some Bartitsu this time.

25 to 30 players