Larp: The Madrian Secret


Madria was once a lush and welcoming world, full of beautiful oceans and gentle people. But things changed when neighboring planet Luatha attacked and started a long war. One day, the war ended mysteriously and all outside contact was cut off in the process. That was twenty years ago and no one has any idea what has happened on Madria since. Rumors about Madria have never settled down, folks from a nearby space station shun it, and it is said that ships and pilots have gone missing in the area. What really is going on down there? Join us on Madria to find out.

"The Madrian Secret" is a mechanics-light, theater-style science fiction LARP involving power struggles, old grudges, strange secrets, oppression and discrimination, and possibly even a marriage or two. And of course, the revelation of the Madrian secret. The setting is a matriarchal society in which male characters are an oppressed party, and while some accept that, others have been working to change it. The science fiction element is in the style of 70's and 80's TV shows, without the cheese. You won't find bumpy heads, transporters or faster than light travel, but there will be humanoid aliens, an android, and a wide range of serious plots and character types. Other plots present include old wounds resurfacing, a secret mission, a possible revolution, unknown histories to discover, profits to be made, mysterious deaths, family struggles and even a prophesy. It is a one-shot game, offering a good mix of roleplay and goals for 21 players.

Note that "The Madrian Secret" requires player maturity. Check with the GMs prior to registering if you under the age of 21.

14 to 21 players