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Larp: Nepenthe A Surcease of Sorrow


Players find themselves in a gothic church at a baby’s funeral. Secrets become revealed about the player’s past and blood revenge is demanded by many for atrocities long thought forgotten. Players find themselves with the consequences of slowly losing their sanity as the supernatural confronts and reveals the evil that lurks among them.


Nepenthe is loosely based off of tales from Edgar Allen Poe with a concentration on topics of the macabre and horror. Character deaths are very likely, but there is a mechanic that allows the player to continue to participate in the game even if they are killed.

CAUTION LABLE: Nepenthe a Surcease of Sorrow is a mature game with extremely mature content. Players must be 18 years old. The game deals with very mature and possibly disturbing issues and is not advised for anyone who is currently taking medication for depression or is easily offended or bothered by what could be considered very disturbing topics. Although having a slightly pulpy Tales of the Crypt genre theme, the game is DARK, MACABRE and many plot lines have the potential to make people uncomfortable. Topics include but are not limited to: necrophilia, rape, murder, cannibalism, emotional & physical abuse, alcoholism and forms of sadism. Please do not sign up for this game unless you are 100% ok with playing this kind of game.

14 players