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Larp: Kingsword

by Brian Richburg & Alison Joy Schafer Whoso pulleth out this sword of this stone and anvil is rightwise king -Thomas Malory King Arthur's peace is crumbling and it has been whispered that the fated Kingsword has once again returned to the stone. With Britain's unity in jeopardy, the kingdoms of Cornwall, Dyfed, and Lothian are each vying for supremacy over the failing Camelot. Dragons and the Questing Beast roam the lands, the Saxons and Picts are relentless, and Avalon and what is left of the old ways have all but disappeared into the mist. The Irish King has invited all to a great tourney in Ireland. As the feast gets underway and blades are sharpened, the real question remains - whose destiny is it to draw that sword from the stone once more? The game will mix together the greatest stories from across the British Isles, including characters from Irish mythology, Arthurian legends, Scottish folklore, and the Welsh Mabinogion. The setting will feature great heroes and lovers such as the Knights of the Round Table, Tristan & Isolde, Culhwch & Olwen, the Merlin of Britain, and the famed Irish warrior Cu Chulainn.
27-player maximum