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Larp: Carry On Khemet


by Carol Johnson

Sekmet's gone on a murderous bender reducing humanity to a bloody smear. Ra’s embarrassed, Isis is vexed, and Set's… dripping. Time for a divine re-union to beat out how to remake mankind.

Fifteen gods and goddess will wrestle with their desires and each other to create a new Egypt using every last scheme, every last wile, every last phallus, and every last milky lettuce leaf to get their way. Carry On Khemet is a no-holds-barred, Egyptian gods sex farce where everyone will lend a hand and bang on until you can squeeze out just the right worshipper to tickle your fancy.

This game features explicit adult situations and sexual innuendo, heavily skewed to bawdy and “naughty”. This is a light silly game played straight for laughs in the vein of Carry On films. Intimate congress will be simulated with Christmas crackers, and phalli with very long balloons.

Note: Physical contact is not necessary to enjoy this LARP. I will be using a system whereby each player will have a sticker prominent on the badge indicating the player's comfort level so that we can be considerate of each others boundaries.

10 to 15 players