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Larp: Can you show me the way to Povertee Street?


by CJ, Hugh Wake, Ross

This unusual freeform has you play the role of puppets in a world familiar to us all from children's TV and a certain famous gentlemen's workshop. You will be supplied with a custom built and attractive puppet (which you can keep after the game) and a normal freeform character sheet - but your character is the puppet, and as a player you will wear black and voice and operate everything through the puppet. This is freeform larp at one step removed!

Despite being a "traditional" highly plotted freeform, there is a brief ten minute workshop before the game, juts to show you how to operate the puppets and get you used to the idea. There will also be an optional 30 minute workshop after on how to make your own large puppets.

Apart from Superb Owl, who wears a large bird costume, all the characters are puppets and the game does make satirical reference to contemporary UK celebrities and politicians but no knowledge of them is required to enjoy the game, so international players VERY welcome.

12-player maximum