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Larp: The Living Embers


by Karolina Soltys, Patrik Balint, Laura Wood, David Owen

A dysfunctional family and a choice. Keep it together at all costs and protect the people you love or choose yourself and your freedom. Exploring how toxic systems become normalised and the normal can become toxic, Living Embers uses temporal distortions and surreal occurrences to emphasise each character's choice as they are drawn towards the inevitable conclusion. The house will burn. Who will burn with it?

Each player will play as a character from the family and as someone who’s exploring the house at a different time. As the different worlds collide more of the house’s present, past and future is revealed.

Using the “voice in the ear” metatechniques to illustrate time shifts and build tension, this game aims to draw players into an alternate world.

4 to 6 players