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Larp: One God to Rule Them All

by Fridrik Jonsson and Solrun Gunnarsdottir The gods of Valympus ruled for aeons from their lofty halls over the short lives of the mortals, wise and joyful as a great big family, at least at first. But families have their quarrels, and when gods quarrel, they really quarrel. Humankind had grown plentiful, and bit by bit the gods drifted away in a general huff, marking their claims on a piece of the land. The pantheon of the gods drifted apart. Many centuries later the halls of Valympus lay empty except for its silent guardians, gathering dust. The gods were scattered to the wind, each handling their own affairs as they would. It came as rather a surprise when they started to realise something remarkable: Some humans had decided to worship someone else! “The God” was growing into quite a trend, actually... A decade later... It’s slightly worrying, really... Another decade later... Uh... guys... what the hell? Is he feeding the poor or something? Walking on water? Seriously? Another year later... Aghh! Damnit! Who is this guy? Pompous prick! How can his robe –always- be spotless white?! Another year later... And so it came to pass that the gods panicked. A bit too late ... or at least definitely not too early. You've been gods and goddesses for far longer than “The God” has, yet now he wants everyone to worship -only- him and no other god, quite rude really. What's worse, a lot of people are starting to agree with him. Desperate times call for desperate measures. The gods have been divided for a very long time, that time is now past. On the highest peak of the highest mountain, beyond the deepest river, above the largest road sign in the world, to the west of the greatest hat ever made (by popular vote of the local villages) ... lies Valympus. The home of the pantheon of the gods, vacant for ages, but now is the time to make it live once more. There is only one way to reunite the gods. It is time ... for an election. Who shall lead you to glory? "The God" is on his way to claim Valympus for himself, but your council has already been called. Should he gain these cloudy halls, its power shall be his and nothing can stand in his way. Before that happens, you must decide who shall lead a new pantheon to bar his way and end this nonsense once and for all. Can the gods of Valympus set aside their differences in order to unite and fight together against this new god?
14-player maximum