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Larp: A Grandiose Disaster: Fire and Ice


The year is 1974 and you have been invited to the world’s first geothermally heated underground hotel… in Antarctica. Welcome to the posh Fire and Ice hotel. It is opening night, and even though they had to rush to be ready, management is certain that everyone will have a night to remember!


A Grandiose Disaster is a new system that brings disaster and horror movie larps to your home. First you make your characters, based on tropes and templates: the rugged hero, the love interest, the comic relief, the precocious child, and so on. Then you are taken from scene to scene and in most scenes you have to decide which characters live and which die.

A Grandiose Disaster is designed to run quickly and easily, and without a GM. There are no complicated mechanics to learn. Character creation is simple, easy, and interactive with the other players. Runtime mechanics involve going from scene to scene and deciding who lives and who dies through a simple “majority rules” voting system.

The game is designed to focus on roleplaying and interactions, not mechanics. There will be no puzzles to solve, no “you need to figure this out to live.” Everything is presented to you by the scenario, and you get to roleplay as your world goes to hell around you.

This is a disaster, characters will probably die.

6 to 12 players