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Larp: High Rollers

The stakes are high for the high rollers at the Copacabana lounge. Once all of the participants have arrived, the doors to the cellar have been locked from the outside and will only be opened again once someone has been declared the winner of the poker tournament. During the last days of prohibition this nightclub has prospered and thrived, but the stakes are higher than the 500k entry fee for the poker game. When a body is found, the stakes have obviously been raised to death. Players find themselves blockaded in an old wine cellar richly decorated and filled with a variety of international poker players. Intrigue, lies, murder and political unrest are heavy in the air. The game must go on and the door will only be unlocked again once the poker game is finished and there is a winner declared. The tension is high. A murderer is among you. Who can you trust and do you even want to risk trust?
Players will be playing in a loosely historical game based in 1933 right before prohibition ends and before WWII. A knowledge of basic 5 card poker is useful, but not necessary. There is a good chance of player deaths. The theme is speak-easy meets international spy intrigue.
13 players