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Larp: Good Intentions


MIT Assassin's Guild light hearted game about denizens of the newest circle of Hell planning a party for Satan's upcoming visit.


MIT Assassin's Guild Heaven has gone way over quota, and St. Peter is looking for any and every excuse to send people to Hell. To deal with the sudden influx of souls, Satan has opened up a Tenth Circle of Hell, Scarytown, to deal with the people who have committed minor sins. Scarytown is filled with people who never leave a tip, text in movie theaters, and hit the “door close” button in people’s faces, and while it’s uncomfortably warm in the summer, at least there aren’t demons hurling you into pits of fire. No, Scarytown is a place where the bus is always late, the coffee is always cold, and the tap water smells like brimstone.Souls don’t tend to last long in Scarytown, either. As the years wear on, a soul without any stimulation begins to lose its memories and fade away, until only a remnant is left behind. Scarytown has been open for barely ten years, but it’s so boring that a few people have already started to fade.Satan will be by for his annual inspection in just under four hours, and the residents of Scarytown are scrambling to get their usual celebration ready. Unfortunately, the decorations are all overpriced, the only place that caters is Pizza Hut, and nobody can agree on the food or music! Plus, there is a strange visitor wandering about who claims to have seen other afterlives. . .You are some of the more prominent residents of Scarytown, or at least the only people who have expressed interest in helping get the town ready for the party. But as Satan’s arrival looms, it’s looking more and more certain that the night will end with him being disappointed. It’s time to put aside your differences for a few hours, buckle down and get to work on making this the best damned party you possibly can.