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Larp: Nakitomi Plaza


by Hanbury Hampden-Turner

The grand opening of the Nakitomi Tower and Plaza complex promised to be a dull corporate affair, but that was before things started to go badly wrong. In the face of danger, unlikely heroes can emerge. But what happens if too many action-heroes emerge at once?

A game for 12, where (most) play the kinds of heroes that action-films love. It should be noted that action-heroes aren't necessarily good at working what is actually going on, and may get in eachother's way.

Involves mayhem, big guns, implausible martial arts, improvised explosions, villains in three peice suits, zombies, a frankly unecessary amount of property damage, plucky journalism, corporate skullduggery, romance, betrayal, solving mysteries, and working out the identity of the bad guy.

Players 12 Tone: Mostly light-hearted, but some darker or more personal themes

This game is a theatre-style freeform and does not involve any physical contact.

12 players