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Larp: Omega Expedition

by Brian Williams The Omega Expedition, a purely scientific research mission to Antarctica. You all knew the risks when you signed up, but no-one expects things to go wrong. But it's okay: that's what all the training was for. The "just in cases...", "worst case scenarios..." and "pay attention, this could save your lives..". And now it has saved your lives. When the storm came in, you all knew what to do. It's all going to be okay. It's just a matter of time, the storm will clear, you'll summon help and that will be that... Except... What is it that you've found? This could change the future as you know it. This is possibly the greatest discovery of all time. Is it coincidence that disaster struck just before the storm came in? Or are more sinister forces at work? Now the storm is clearing and it's time to get out of here. Or is it? What the hell happened during the blizzard...? The Omega Expedition is a nine-player game. Some of you will be members of the five-person missions, the others, well, you'll know when you get your character sheets... The Omega Expedition is a short, tense game, probably running for two to three hours, although a lot of that's up to the players. There is no guarantee that you'll make it back off the ice, dead or alive.
9 players