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Larp: Dynamic Research


by Peter Stewart

Set on the first day of a new office and laboratory at the technology mega-corporation, Dynamic Research, you are the chosen few hired to help create the next big thing in scientific development. Could you cure cancer? Solve world hunger? Create new weapons that will revolutionise warfare? Create true A.I.? Find true love? Or just design a better teapot to ensure the world never has to face a poor cup of tea again? That will be up to you and your new colleagues to decide.

This game is not intended to reflect actual science, but instead the kind of inventiveness and resourcefulness of the Frankensteins, Tony Starks, Doc Browns and Professor Farnsworths of fiction. More important are the interactions between the characters, as you start to discover who everyone is for the first time. Who knows, romance might blossom for some, enmities for others, as their true natures are revealed. But all in a light-hearted, larger-than-life way.

12 players