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Larp: Here Comes A Candle


by Laura Wood

All of you have witnessed the horrors of the totalitarian authority after they took power. You have seen pain and you all have personally witnessed deaths, seen people disappear and seen the after effect of the torture that the government has inflicted. Maybe some of you were tortured. Maybe you lost friends or loved ones.

So you began to form a resistance group. Quietly and subtly at first; and then as you found each other you began to make bolder moves. Newsletters, stories, graffiti, memorials for the dead. You became like a family.

You got caught.

In a prison cell together you were offered a deal. If one person confesses to being the leader of the resistance movement, that person will die at dawn. The rest of you will go free. Back to your children. Back to your lives. Back to continue the fight. Only one person needs to die. If more than one person confesses, or if no-one confesses, you will all die.You have one hour to decide what to do.

A character creation workshop and world building will last up to an hour. The game play will take between 1 and 2 hours depending on the number of players.

5 to 10 players