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Larp: Villains Anonymous

by Dave Cartwright, Jenni Wildman Subsequent to their various defeats at the hands of heroes and heroines the villains of fairy tale and fantasy have been taken in hand by The Powers That Be and ordered to atone for their crimes by attending group therapy. In this 'Safe' environment they will (under expert supervision) explore and share their feelings, dig deep into their hurts and heartaches and air their untold 'Dirty Laundry' in front of their contemporaries in an effort to find some measure of closure and rehabilitation before they are allowed another spin of the mortal wheel. Villains Anonymous is a light-hearted game poking fun at famous (and Mouse Endorsed) fairy tale villains, it is also designed to create a 'safe' environment to explore numerous common (and not so common) mental health issues from the point of view of another person (the 'Character') maybe encouraging a greater understanding for the players as a whole. There is no intent to 'belittle', 'make light of' or 'mock' any individual, group or sufferer of any of the conditions referenced. The game is written by/with input from trained mental health professionals but the key goal, the intent of the game is to serve as a fun warm-up LRP with a good measure of humour and characterization to get the players in the mood for the Convention weekend.
5 to 15 players