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Larp: 10 Experimental Games in 100 Ethically Dubious Minutes


by Robert Wensley and Joseph Wiegartner

Has reality got you down? Have the drugs worn off and your Netflix subscription run out? Have you finally realized that "conventional LARPs" are just a tool to reinforce classist gender norms and perpetuate longstanding racial divides between Orcs and Humans?

Join your hosts, Stan Milgram and Phil Zimbardo, for 10 brief totally IRB approved games designed to transcend the bounds of conventional narrative and give you not just enjoyment, but an experience. Also we don't guarantee enjoyment.

This Game is 18+ because the CIA won't let us give LSD to children. Not after last time.

From the twisted minds behind "The 10 Worst Stories in The 100 Worst Minutes" and "Stanford Prison 2: Electric Boogaloo" comes this comedy game in the popular "10 Bad" format, which consists of a series of 10 minute microgames that see players rapidly transitioning between hilarious, outlandish, and frequently offensive characters as everyone tries to make each other laugh or otherwise one up each other. Players don't receive their character "sheets" until they're already starting the game.

Topics for skewering this time around include (among many others) the quiet french, the mentally ill, LARP styles that aren't the style the authors like, LARP styles that the authors do like, LARP styles the authors have no authority to speak on, and your most deeply held beliefs that will be torn down-brick by brick-until all that remains of you is an anarchoprimitavist murderer with a typo-free manifesto.

Please note that, despite the description above, drug use by the players will neither be encouraged or permitted and that the CIA does not claim any knowledge or responsibility of this game or its contents (it's on domestic soil, that's the NSA's jurisdiction)

12-player maximum