Walk the Pattern: A Chronicles of Amber Game

Three hundred years after the Pattern Fall War, much has changed.

On the ascension of your second youngest sibling Constance to maturity, she must walk the Pattern of Amber. It will be the most dangerous trial in her life, past or future.

As you have done nine times before and will do at least once more, it is your familial obligation to attend and provide unity. Originally this was to protect the Pattern and the walker during this period of vulnerability, but now it is more of a ceremonial duty. If she succeeds, there will be a celebration of adulthood achieved. If not, there will be an execution followed by a funeral.

It is a tense moment. And like all tense moments, the waiting is best done in company.

Walk the Pattern is a micro-LARP about 2 hours in duration. It is loosely based on the first five books of the “Chronicles of Amber” by Roger Zelazny. It is about fate, ideology, and family.

Reading these books is not required for playing in this LARP, or for living a good life. But I recommend them for helping you appreciate both.