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Larp: Vampires: A Blood-Sucking Placeholder Name


The appointed hour has finally arrived: the yearly vampire council is now in session and... seriously, guys? We talked about this. You don't have a string of public murders that clearly screams “vampires on the loose” in the same city where we meet. Do you want vampire hunters? This, this is how you get vampire hunters. One of you is seriously going to get exiled from vampire society for this. Or executed. Anyways... The Annual Vampire Meeting is upon us. The most prominent and noteworthy vampires will be in attendance to discuss official counsel policies: how to continue treating the pitiful mortals, how many new vampires can be sired (too many new vampires can entirely ruin a neighborhood), and the general do's and don'ts of vampire society. As per usual, the meeting will be held in a foreclosed night club in the downtown area. Yes, we are aware that there has been a recent push to get the meetings moved to a Gothic mansion, and although we agree that it would be more fitting, this place is considerably cheaper. Refreshments are rather light this year, but you are allowed to step outside for a quick bite as long as you don't attract too much attention. While politics will be discussed, we still hope you will all have a... bloody good time!

This game is a meeting of various fictitious vampires. Anyone claiming to be a real vampire unsettles or scares us too much to be in attendance. Will we have included your favorite vampire? Probably not. There are far too many vampires in fiction. How did we handle the fact everyone loves having their vampires be special and different than the rest? Good question.

23-player maximum