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Larp: The Stand

By Phoebe Roberts Reston is usually a quiet little cattle town in northern California, but with Indian relations, railroad planning, news of discovering gold, and the threat of an impending bandit attack, somebody's got to take a stand.
The year is 1849, and things have been growing tougher and tougher for the small town of Reston in northern California. Normally it is a quiet place where most people work for the Sinclair Cattle Company, but all of a sudden things aren't so quiet anymore. Relations have always been difficult with the neighboring Yurok tribe of Indians, and disputes over the local resources are about to strain things ever further. With the news of gold discovered down at Sutter's Mill, there have been rumblings about whether or not the precious metal might be found as far north as Reston. There's some new gentlemen in town going on about building a railroad. And to top it all off, notorious bandit Esteban Valdes, current leaded of the ruthless Deadeye Gang, has informed the town's residents that if the swag stolen off his crew hidden somewhere in Reston isn't handed over, he and his men are going to ride in and take the place apart until they find it-- no matter who gets in their way. How the situation gets handled, and by whom, will determining the fate of Reston in northern California. People haven't had the great confidence in Sheriff Malcolm Royce lately, but so much rides on him being up to facing these challenges. Sometimes, a man has got to take a stand. The Stand is a roleplay-heavy, mechanics-light four-hour game set firmly in the western genre. Some nod has been made to historical and geographical accuracy, but poetic license has been taken.
22 to 25 players