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Larp: Like there’s no tomorrow

by Chloe Sutherland and Robert Vincent We can see it now. After months of only predictions from the experts - finally we can see the meteor with our own eyes. It hangs in the sky - growing in size as it travels closer and closer, every day. We’re all waiting - for what? For the final descent - the very thing that will bring about its, and our, end. For the meteor to burst into life - to wake up, to heat up and, just for a second, to light up the sky. Like There’s No Tomorrow is a world on the eve of a large meteor hitting earth. You will be at an End of the World party consisting of a group of people brought together primarily by a lack of anywhere else to go. Together, you will help each other work through what could be your last night on earth. What will you find at the end of the world - hope, fear, love...regret? There's not much time. Let’s just get together, once more - and live, like there’s no tomorrow.
15-player maximum