That McGovern Girl

Festival of the LARPs, 2009

Brandeis, Waltham, MA, USA

"When you work in the skies you live in constant motion ... you can be locked in a warm embrace and lost to sight in the endless blue an hour later. A family of the skies is bound together by love; lose sight of that and everything falls apart.

"So, four times a year, Colonel Richard McGovern (ret.) calls together his scattered children from across the country for a family reunion and a meal at Chong's, the best restaurant in town.

"It's a time to reconnect, to maintain the ties, to ensure that none can slip the binds that hold together the McGovern family."

CONTENT WARNING: This LARP is expected to have very highly emotional content and sensitive players may wish to avoid it. In addition, players may be cast as characters of young age.