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Larp: Arkham on 5 Sanity Points a Day


by Brandon Brylawski

Join a dozen or so other doomed souls in the journey of a lifetime, as you and your fellow investigators, dilettantes, and utterly lost travelers come to Arkham for a fun-filled package tour in New England’s most, ah, unique little town. Rated “challenging” by your trusty guidebook, Unspeakable Places of the World, the week promises to be one you’ll always remember, like it or not. But you’re not afraid. Armed with arcane knowledge, eldritch weaponry, and/or absolutely no common sense, you’re more than a match for anything this little burg can dish up. Maybe. AFSAD is a fast-paced, stupid spoof LARP set in H. P. Lovecraft’s favorite college town. If you have any objections to mocking serious literature, getting silly string in your hair, making a complete fool out of yourself, or otherwise behaving as if you were in The Three Stooges go to Rly’eh, do not play this game. Otherwise, come on in! The water’s fetid and filled with unspeakable things, but otherwise fine!

10-player maximum