The Burned-Over District
Brookfields Scout Camp, Wainuomata, New Zealand

Western New York state, 1853- This once-unnotable region has become known for the number of religious movements and communities that have originated within it in recent decades, so much so that it's earned its nickname through one minister's remark that there's no fuel left to feed the fires of conversion.

Perhaps more than any other new religious movement, Spiritualism's popularity roars as its followers seek the counsel of mediums to improve their fortunes and make contact with deceased loved ones. Many of its proponents are wealthy and influential, but it's not without its share of outspoken critics, who believe it to be either spiritually dangerous or fraudulent.

Tonight, some of the most celebrated -and controversial- mediums and supporters of Spiritualism will be in attendance at a private party that promises to be a memorable night, with the chance to meet some of the movement's biggest celebrities and communicate with friends and family members in the afterlife.

For most, the chance to speak with the dead means the chance to re-assure oneself that a deceased loved one isn't truly gone, or to say a good-bye there wasn't a chance to say during the course of their life. Of course, the dead may have their own agenda, and there's always the chance that they may know something that some of the guests wouldn't want anyone else to know...