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Larp: Those Who Serve

It is 5,000 years since humanity has conquered space. Under the watchful eye of the all-powerful and immortal Emperor, mankind has thrived on countless worlds. The peace between these worlds had long been maintained by the Servitors, elite guardians of the Empire specially trained to harness the power of their souls as weapons. 1,000 years ago though, the Emperor lost interest in the future of man and retreated to the Imperial City, a gigantic starship that houses the Emperor’s court. Without his leadership, the Empire was plunged into a millennium of bloody war as numerous warlords arose and began building their own petty fiefdoms. Now, for the first time, there is a chance for a return to the peace of older days. The Emperor has issued a summons, inviting all of the warlords to meet with him aboard his ship. Though his power has been weakened, it is an invitation that can not be ignored. What has happened to rouse the Emperor from his indifference and will the warlords be able to navigate the complicated etiquette of the Imperial City?