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Larp: Brother Ezekiel’s Tent Revival

Come to Brother Ezekiel's Tent Revival! Brother Ezekiel is coming to Lomax, NE on February 29 and will be holding services through March 2. You only have 3 days to hear the Word! If you value your eternal soul, you will come! Come listen to the Word of the Lord from Brother Ezekiel. Come hear the glory of Heaven itself in the angelic voice of Sister Sarah Maria. Brother Ezekiel will be preaching on the dangers to your soul in the modern world. He will tell you how you can avoid eternal damnation in Hell. He will heal your body and your soul. Brother Ezekiel has brought the Word to thousands, around the world. He has visited the Holy City of Jeruselem. He has followed in the footsteps of Jesus' disciples, across the lands of Galilee. Come, for your chance to hear the Voice that could save you!
12 to 17 players