Dustpan: the LARP: What lies under the couch?

Intercon XX

Bridgeview Inn, New Castle, DE, USA

All life is a journey, and for these denizens of the Great Wooden Expanse, it is a trip from the Light, from the Dark, and from all the places in between. Where will it end? Come learn about the world of the very small, the world of the Great Wooden Expanse, and all those swept up in this tale of passion, theology and inevitability, an epic of Light and Dark, of Biblical proportion, under the Couch.

Dustpan: the LARP is a game for eighteen players willing to go into the dark recesses behind and under the couch. This is a game of characters with stories to tell, with some plot sprinkled in. What else lies under the couch is part of the mystery, and beyond that, who knows?