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Larp: Grimmer Tales: Arabian Nights


Welcome to Arabia… Things just aren’t what they used to be, these days…

You can familiarize yourselves with 1001 Tales of the Arabian Nights HERE and HERE

This is the second in a series of Fables…

Grimmer Tales takes place in the Iraqi Desert where the fables live in luxury. The palace of the Caliph is a wonderland, but something is not right. The magic has been dwindling, the servants disappearing and life is becoming not so luxurious. To top it all off, the mortals, with their quest for oil, and the Western invaders, have been coming perilously close to discovering the Hidden Oasis.

The last time this happened, 120 years ago, Aladdin was sent to London to discuss the issue with the King of the European fables. That time, the drain was being caused by a European Fable, practicing some sort of sympathetic magic, and was stopped. Unfortunately, Aladdin lost his lamp in the process.

In the Hidden Oasis, the others have been getting restless, tired of being locked away without their usual amenities. This is becoming a problem and they are looking for ways to break the tedium. Sheherazade was spotted by mortals last night, while she was flying on a carpet, Ali Babba and his thieves have been stealing in Baghdad, and Sinbad swears he is going to acquire one of those metal ships…

15 to 17 players