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Larp: A Fantasy United Nations

After a great war some leader had the brilliant idea that perhaps instead of constantly going to war we should discuss things peacefully. However this being his suggestion after attempting to invade all other countries, backstabbing his allies, attempting to sacrifice war prisoners to demons for power, and various other horrific crimes he was still beheaded with a few of the other leaders asking to be allowed to keep his head on a pike. Decades later when this suggestion actually was put forth from a nation with a history of peace, it was listened to. It also helped that a lot less of their neighbors had the word ‘horde’ in their name now. This will be the fifth attempted meeting and people are expecting great things of it and are rather hopeful of how it will turn out. The bar is set rather low however. The first meeting ended with three new wars. The second ended up with half the members being sacrificed. No one showed up to the third one. And the fourth one ended with everyone agreeing they hated each other. However this time there is a horrific plague mutating people into undying monsters spreading around requiring their attention. People are bound to be able to work together this time.
Written by Sean McCormack. The game ran once but had many problems, so it is likely to not run again.