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Larp: Imperial Mining Outpost 934BA7-221ZQ Epsilon

Imperial Mining Outpost 934BA7-221ZQ Epsilon is a mining operation in a remote sector of the Galactic Empire. The outpost has a small contingent of Storm Troopers and Tie Fighters stationed in the even that either the indigenous nonhuman population rebels or the Rebel Alliance attacks. As of present time those stationed there have managed to keep the peace with the population, operate under budget, and remain strategically unimportant enough to not attract the rebellion. However recently they have struck an odd vein of minerals and a collection of historical artifacts. A representative from the local Moff has been sent in to determine whether they should continue drilling or if these items are of value and they should move towards a more delicate process of retrieving them.
Written by Sean McCormack. The alpha had many problems and so is likely to never run again.