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Larp: Lace and Steel


Weekend long put on by Stephen Kohler and Lime Shirt LARPing


Less then a decade ago, King Malcolm the First retook control of the island nation of Duncruigh, following fifteen years of ursupation by the Council of Elders. Although they have been deposed, the king still faces several challenges, including religious disputes, an ongoing war, unruly provinces, and the sudden appearance of the faerie queen, who has not been seen for many years. His court is filled with nobles, foreign ambassadors, as well as numerous lower-class men and women looking for position and advancement. This weekend will determine the path this nation takes, whether it be to glory and wealth, or ignomy and defeat.

Join Lime Shirt LARPing on October 25th-27th for the classic weekend-long LARP Lace and Steel. Set in a standalone fantasy universe, where magic and the fae are known to exist, and the omnipresent problems of greed, avarice and ambition still rear their heads, come play a part in shaping the future of the island nation of Duncruigh. Be a swordsman, an ambitious noble, a ruler, an ambassador, or more. Uncover secrets, make alliances, and more.