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Larp: The Neverland Conclave


by Sara Gussin and Jaelen Rachlin

It's been a while since the Darling Incident. Life has been going on as usual: the Lost Kids have been playing pranks and exploring the nooks and crannies of the island, and the Pirates have been skirmishing with the Kids and causing a drunken ruckus near the docks. It seemed like everything had gone back to normal. Then, yesterday, a conclave was called by the leaders of the two groups. The lost kids and the pirates are going to meet on neutral ground to determine what will happen to Neverland, now that Pan and Hook are gone.

The Neverland Conclave is a fantasy Peter Pan fanfic game that is character- driven and crunch-light. J.M. Barrie's original Neverland was a product of its time; we've updated the setting to remove some of the more problematic aspects and focus on the bits of Neverland we love the most. The game contains some minor (and mostly avoidable) references to neglectful parenting and non-violent alcoholism. Many characters are gender-neutral, and while romance does not play a large part in the game, there may be love plots of a variety of flavors. Appropriate for ages 16+.

14-player maximum