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Larp: Crisis Point

dapperaeronaut and musicforwolves

by Sarah Daymond, Russ Kale, Morgan Atkins, Elizabeth Haynes and Philippa McLoughlin.

It’s been seventy years since the age of superpowers began. Brave men and women take up the mantle of justice on a daily basis, supported by people of all stripes. Everyone, hero or villain, fights for what they believe is right. Sometimes the job is simple: good and evil are easy to determine, your opponents are strong but graceful in defeat, and secret identities stay secret. Sometimes the job is harder: lives are at risk, or you need to let the villains win the battle so you don’t lose the war. Either way, the way the world turns out often falls to you to decide.

Beyond the fights, some heroes have politics to deal with. Sidekicks go solo. Teams form and dissolve. The mayor always wants to talk to you. Some days, you just can’t get rid of a bomb. Some days, you just can’t renounce your powers.

Today, you and your fellow villains and heroes have been called together for an announcement. You don’t know whether to expect medals, missions, or ultimatums, but if both sides are being brought together, it must be important. One thing’s clear: after today, your own personal worlds will never be the same.

Crisis Point is a comic book LARP, inspired by pretty much every superhero in existence. Its characters run a broad spectrum of tones, from campy 1950s-style superheroes and supervillains to contemporary, gritty storytelling. All preferences for character types, moralities, romances, difficulty of decisions and levels of feels are available.

64-player maximum