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The Seven Deadly Virtues

Run at Medusa 2014, Hamilton, NZ


by Daena Dixon, Sarah Daymond and Jonathan Trevarthen

King Arthur is holding a tournament to celebrate May Day, but joy is far from people's minds. Everyone in Camelot has a secret, some better known than others. While the rumour of Guinevere's indiscretions are widely known, and Morgan's distaste for the royal family is the subject of much debate, where does the truth lie? Can the hearts of Camelot ever be known?

Magic is in the air and intrigue is on the lips of nearly all who plan to attend the May Day tournament. Even those who would scorn such frivolities have felt the string of fate tugging them into alignment. But what power does fate hold, if it is rallied against?

Fight for honour, for love, for freedom. On this day, nothing is set in stone.