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Larp: Soul of the World


by Warren Tusk

And I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away... -- Revelation 21:1

The world is dying. It’s been dying for a long time, really. The rot set in ages ago...although you wouldn’t know it, looking at things through mortal eyes. This is all taking place on a cosmic timescale, far too slow for humans to perceive it, and so virtually no one has an inkling. But it’s true.

From this cold death, though, life will be born anew. Time has not ended, and neither has purpose. There will be another world. There will be another set of gods to define it, to give it form and shape, to live out the archetypal myth-stories that are realer than real. And, in this new existence, there will be a new ultimate truth that gives meaning to all things, embodied in a creature: an unfathomably vast and powerful creature. There will be another Soul of the World.

The game is called Soul of the World. It is about creating a new universe because the old one wasn't good enough. It is about being a mortal, a god, and a titanic philosophy monster all at the same time. It is about being reforged in the perceptions of others. It is about zero-sum warfare. It is about the Prisoner's Dilemma. It is about believing in something so strongly that you're willing to tear down reality in order to make it true. It is, above all, about one-on-one roleplay interactions within a structured, choreographed framework.

12-player maximum