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Larp: The Princess of Norland


by Katie Zenke

Once upon a time...

The Princess Amethyst has recently returned to the court of Norland after a mysterious six-month disappearance and her parents are overjoyed. In her wake a slew of royal guests have arrived as well - and two of them are seeking Amethyst's hand it marriage. Now King Stephen and his queen must figure out what to do with their headstrong daughter and her two insistent suitors.

But even in the kingdom of the famed Sleeping Beauty, who slept for one hundred years and awoke to her happy ending several generations ago, happily ever afters are not easy to come by. And with one suitor a powerful, but entirely unexpected, king and the other a fop of a prince who has arrived with his domineering mother in tow, it's not going to be easy to sort out this mess. As if that wasn't bad enough, the political ramifications of Amethyst's marriage are piquing the interest of others who may be affected and even one of Amethyst's sisters and her husband have been sent to make sure their kingdom's interests are heard in the matter.

Are happily ever afters even to be found amongst political dealings, rumors and plots or did they disappear when the fairies did?

"The Princess of Norland" is a fairy-tale themed, theater-style, mechanics-light LARP. There will be politics, negotiations, plots, manipulations, secrets of varying sizes and shapes (even a secret identity or two), unrequited love, family struggles, rules being broken and possibly some fairy tale magic!

15 to 20 players