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The Pendleton Homecoming
@ 1 p.m.
Brookfields Scout Camp, Wainuomata, New Zealand

Run at Hydra 2014


by Claire Ahuriri

A sci-fi comedy LARP for 20 people (16 players, 4 crew). Based in Rutherford, Ohio, the town in Third Rock from the Sun. It's been ten years since Dr Dick Solomon and his wacky family of misfits vanished into the night and were never seen again. Things went very quickly back to normal, but for Dr Mary Albright, found alone in a Rambler on campus grounds with several years of her memory missing, there was always a big hole in her life she could never fill. Ten years on, many things have changed, but a lot has stayed the same. It's Pendleton's 150 year jubilee, and local alumni have been invited to celebrate in a night of cheese and wine and intelligent conversation. Interdepartmental rivalries abound, post-grads angsts against under-grads, and by the way - don't mention the D-word in front of Mary!