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Larp: The Insubstantial Pageant

ScottK and musicforwolves

by Ellen Boucher, Scott kelly, Russ Kale, Nasia Alevizos and others

In the floating city of Legerdemesnes, the Insubstantial Pageant- a carnival of the living and the dead- is held on the last full moon of summer. From feuding nobles and arrogant bravos to starving artists, itinerant players and the mysterious Guild of Undying to the proud Stokers who work the city's supply ladders, all mix together in the party of the year. Opportunities for business, revenge, romance, drinking, and advancement are available to the canny- and for the dead, whose last day in the world of the living is today, they will never come again. The world is turned upside down- but who will end up on top is anyone's guess.

60-player maximum