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Exodus 22:18
@ 10 a.m.
Brookfields Scout Camp, Wainuomata, New Zealand

Run at Hydra 2014


The year is 1586, at the height of the Trier Witch Trials. The village of Hoffenheim has been plagued with mysterious occurrences, culminating in the deaths of two villagers in what appears to be a satanic ritual. Inquisitors have been dispatched and the church will not rest until someone burns for these crimes. The question remains: Will it be black magicians and murderers tied to the pyre, or victims of mysterious illnesses and long-held grudges?

Note: This game is set during the Trier Witch Trials, possibly the biggest mass-execution in Europe during peacetime. Within this historical context, it contains themes such as religion and superstition as a vehicle for hatred, execution, torture, and strong prejudice against others for gender, sexuality, mental illness, etc. Please be aware of this when choosing to play.

(Not to be confused with the Mike Tice larp of the same name)