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The Captain's Table
@ 10 a.m.

Chimera 2013

Motu Moana Scout Camp, Green Bay, Auckland, New Zealand

by Robert Shaw and Linda Cormack

To those that know it, The Captain's Table is many things. Every Captain that's been there will tell you this is more than a simple bar, and every Captain will tell you of a different way to get there. All agree on one thing though, there's no better place to go to take the pressures of command off your shoulders. There isn't a finer group of drinking partners anywhere on the seas, in the skies, or in the universe.

The great equalizer they tell you, is that every single person that visits, stays, and works in the bar is a Captain. Other than that, they say no more, but with a slight smile, invite you to come along one time, one Captain to another...