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Steampunk Alive! The Last Express
@ 10 a.m.

Chimera 2013

Motu Moana Scout Camp, Green Bay, Auckland, New Zealand

by Joseph Outram

1865 and all is not well within the realms of Europe. The Industrial Radical Party which has ruled over England for more than thirty years. But the hold that it had over the United Kingdom is beginning to erode. Since the failed attempt at robbing the Rothchild Express some ten years ago the Irish independence movement has been growing in numbers, power and rebellious spirit.

Not long after the attempted robbery of the Rothchild Express in London, Ireland would declare it's independence from the United Kingdom and form an independent Republic. This would cause a ripple throughout the political world and has led to a number of countries choosing sides in what could potentially escalate into open conflict. There are already rumours of armies being amassed and waiting for an excuse to attack.

This is the background as Lord Rothchild undertakes his next great scheme. That being a train line that has been dubbed the Orient Express by the press. While his plans to unite London under one train systems has been amazingly successful the pioneer has set his sights on bigger and better things. The Orient Express runs from Paris to Istanbul, with Rothchild's theory that uniting Europe would mean that war would be less likely to happen. While this may not be the effect the Express has been no less successful and the Shinra Railroad Company is raking in the money.

Tensions are undoubtedly running high as the passengers come aboard. Who knows what could happen aboard the Orient Express...