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Larp: Pirates and Hookers


On June 7, 1692, a devastating earthquake hit Port Royal, causing most of its northern section to fall into the sea and killing half the inhabitants. This was not regarded with too much surprise by anyone, God had to get around to it sometime.... This all happened before that.

The town was a thriving metropolis for many a year during the Golden Age of Piracy. If by thriving you mean one tavern for every ten residents and a third of the stable population being employed in the booming sexual service industry. It is into this wretched hive of scum, villainy and altogether a lot of fun that you’ll be dropped for the night.

Rumours say that the Sea is going to be in town tonight, and Davy Jones with her, though if anyone knows why, they’re not talking. But it’s seven years ago tonight that her last husband, Old Man Greybeard, died, and no-one ever did find his treasure. Also in town is a new commander of the local fleet, a young hotshot sent in from London, one William Worthington. He’ll be on the lookout for pirates, trying to make a name for himself. They should be easy to find, because everyone knows the Magistrate welcomes them. The pirates aren’t the only ones with problems, though, the town’s sex workers are being killed mysteriously by something - or someone - and the Reverend won’t rest until he’s solved the mystery. Then there’s the matter of the town’s entry-to-be in the annals of ill-advised civic works. The Magistrate is planning a something special to celebrate the success of the city - a 30 foot bronze statue overlooking the harbour called “The Spirit of Port Royal”. It’s going to be modeled on the most famous prostitute in town and it’s got both of the biggest brothels all a-twitter. Life in Port Royal, as they say, is never dull...